There are 2 cemeteries located in the village of Winneconne.

One is referred to as the old town cemetery and is located at the corner of 5th street and Division.  It was in use until 1872.  This cemetery was not maintained for many years and many of the headstones are missing.


The other cemetery is referred to as the Winneconne Cemetery and consists of two parts, the original section and the J.M. White addition.  The original and the addition are indexed here, the original being Sections 1-16;  the J.M. White addition is noted just as White in the index.


Every attempt has been made to include an obituary when one was available.  If there is not an obituary linked to the entry it means that one could not be found.  To supply an obituary email the historical society at or drop a copy at the Village hall.  Obituaries are posted with permission from The Winneconne News and Rogers Printing Solutions.