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The Kay Wilde Doll Cottage Museum dedicated in 1993 was the fourth unit added to the Winneconne Historical Society Complex. It is patterned after an English Cottage and the interior was designed to house over 750 dolls dating back to the 1850s. Collecting dolls was the late Kay Wilde’s passion, and as time passed, she wanted to preserve her collection for people to enjoy. Geraldine Driscoll was instrumental in helping with Kay’s decision to choose the Winneconne Historical Society as the recipient of the dolls. Kay financed the beautiful stone structure with room to hold all her dolls in memory of her parents. Recently two more doll collections have been added to the museum are on display. The late Pat Roehrick designed and hand crafted quite large dolls. Her family donated these to the Historical Society in her memory. Two very unusual sets of dolls where donated from the estate of Dorothy Labouton, Appleton. One consists of dolls representing the First Ladies, and the other set depicts male and female dolls dressed as they would have been in each decade since 1600. Dorothy designed and sewed all the outfits. Visiting displays are also featured each summer.


The Winneconne Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is

an affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Council of Local History

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